St Paul Handyman from HandyPro Addresses the Handyman Versus Contractor Question

Area residents and business owners learn practical advice for hiring a handyman or home improvement contractor

St Paul MN – The St Paul handyman explains the difference between hiring a handyman or a specialized contractor for home repairs and building maintenance. According to Collin Dickey, owner of HandyPro Handyman Twin Cities Handyman Service cost is the big factor in making the handyman versus contractor decision. Paying a building contractor to handle the homeowner’s to-do list of small repairs is not cost effective where a handyman, who makes a living performing various home repairs and home remodeling projects, is a more practical choice.

Once the handyman is on site, moving from one small project to another it is cheaper to have him handle all the home repairs while he is there rather than having him return several times. It is a good idea to have the to-do list prepared in advance so that the handyman can handle everything efficiently. In many cases the handyman can complete the job in 1 day.

Most people are very busy these days with little spare time to handle home repairs and maintenance. Jobs like this are perfect for the local handyman who makes his living moving from one job to the next. Even if a building contractor is willing to handle these tasks he will generally charge more. The contractor has a crew that depends on him for a full day’s pay every day even if the job is small, so the handyman is a more practical choice.

Collin Dickey understands how challenging it can be to choose a home service provider from many who are advertised on TV, the internet and in the Monthly Shopper and other mailings. This is why he provides tips on his St Paul Handyman website ( to help homeowners and business owners make an informed decision.

Consumers only deserve to have home repairs done by a reputable handyman who is licensed and insured to provide the services requested. The HandyPro franchise is based on the same beliefs so area residents and business owners trust the local full service handyman.

HandyPro Handyman Service providers are fully licensed and insured. All contractors must pass a background check and drug test. HandyPro is a member of the Better Business Bureau with no reported complaints and a 4-1/2 out of 5 star rating in all categories of business. Visit to learn more.

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